AVPLAN - an optimization tool


We advise energy and utility companies when they invest in new district heating technologies.

In our consultancy, our focus is to ensure the best solution in terms of supply security, flexibility, environmental impact, and economy. In a so-called roadmap (investment plan), we recommend how to develop the supply system over a planning period of typically 20 years.

The investment plan is based on several scenarios, each of which contains possible future events that are typically outside the owner’s control. To quantify consequences and optimize investments and plant operation, we use our in-house developed tool AVPLAN.

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Based on our AVPlan-based roadmaps, the customer is capable of making the right investment decision. Together we identify which plant solutions to invest in, the capacities, where to be located, and when to be commissioned.


Customer cases

Should you be interested in more information on how AVPlan is applied in actual customer cases, please see: