We add value to our customers' businesses in the investment phase and in the operational phase

Energy systems and markets

Energy systems and energy markets are handling the largest transition ever seen. A transition from a central and fossil-fuel based energy production to a mix of energy sources and a decentral green production. Nationally and at European level, the political objects for this transition are very ambitious.

Utilities and other production units of heat and power constantly focus on optimizing their business to meet future requirements for markets and energy systems.

We help them evaluate, analyse and implement the best technologies.

The focus is on interconnected power systems which provide synergy across own plants and which at the same time provide efficient sector coupling to external actors eg system services to the power grid and utilization of surplus heat from PtX plants.


Added Values expertise covers:

  • Feasibility of technologies, eg heat pumps with various heat sources
  • Assessment of technologies at market level
  • Research collaboration and development of new technologies
  • Technological road mapping and scenarios
  • Investment optimisation

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Plant and supply concepts

Energy markets and framework conditions are subject to major changes.These changes are pushing in the direction of a greener and more flexible fixed asset portfolio. Among other things, this means increased demands for continuous development and change of current and future energy plants and supply.

As a player in the energy industry, there is a need to work with all aspects of energy planning, production, and distribution within many different forms of energy as well as new technologies for efficient heating and cooling.

The adjustments must be made through well-considered investments and without compromising on operational reliability, energy efficiency, environmental impacts, and plant life. The high complexity in terms of framework conditions, technology options and operations require thorough and well-argued investment plans.

We help optimize the investments that the transition entails. The result will often be an optimized investment process (roadmap), which is robust to the changes / opportunities that the future brings.

We answer the "simple" question, “When and where should what types of plants be built in what size? “And not least, we document why. At the same time, we ensure the practical implementability of the roadmap and the operational robustness over the entire roadmap time horizon, eg up to 2040.


Added Values has expertise in:

  • Optimization of investment processes
  • Optimization of plant concepts
  • Design of financial control room
  • Modeling and simulation of plant and supply concepts

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Project implementation

Successful implementation of plant construction projects, whether it is new construction, expansion, conversion, or repair work, is a central focus point for any plant owner.

As a plant owner, you need to navigate safely through the entire process from the initial stages of requirements specification and tendering to commissioning. This requires a profound and updated technical knowledge and experience base that matches the suppliers and client consultants.

We help to set the right requirements for the new facilities, so that the greatest possible economic and environmental effect is achieved. In the construction phase, we help ensure quality and the right operating characteristics for the new plants.

And finally, in the commissioning phase, we assist in carrying out warranty testing and performance optimization both at the individual plant and across the entire portfolio (production and supply plant).


Added Values has expertise in:

  • QA on behalf of plant owners
  • Technical assessment of suppliers
  • Tender processes including requirements specification and evaluation criteria
  • Quality assurance on behalf of plant owners
  • Assessment of suppliers' technical standard
  • Function descriptions and programming for automation
  • Commissioning procedures and operating manuals
  • Commissioning of plant, automation and financial control room

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Plant in operation

For the individual plant owner, efficiencies in energy distribution and energy production are increasingly crucial to obtain good operating economy and good competition opportunities. This applies regardless of whether it is pure heat production, pure power production or combined power and heating systems.

For plant owners, operational optimizations must consider ongoing operations, work closely with the technical staff in both operation and planning, and involve all parties. In this way, the expected economic or technical objectives are realized.

We help assess and analyze the possibilities for improved performance, and we use our expertise in the detailed design of the adaptations that need to be implemented, both plant hardware and automation. Finally, we also assist with the purely practical issues by following-up on suppliers and by following-up on performance after the adjustment.


Added Values has expertise in:

  • Troubleshooting, optimization and flexibility (eg in relation to fuels, access to work area and flexibility)
  • Analysing energy efficiency (heat balances)
  • Analysing transient behaviour, eg. for improving ancillary services
  • Performance monitoring
  • Online support and optimization tools
  • Lifetime assessments, maintenance plans and unforced outage analysis
  • Analysis of efficiency, fuel combinations and sub-processes
  • Development of tools to support operations
  • Consulting and implementation of ongoing operational optimizations.

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