Energy systems and markets

Energy systems and energy markets are handling the largest transition ever seen. A transition from a central and fossil-fuel based energy production to a mix of energy sources and a decentral green production. Nationally and at European level, the political objects for this transition are very ambitious.

Utilities and other production units of heat and power constantly focus on optimizing their business to meet future requirements for markets and energy systems.

We help them evaluate, analyse and implement the best technologies.

The focus is on interconnected power systems which provide synergy across own plants and which at the same time provide efficient sector coupling to external actors eg system services to the power grid and utilization of surplus heat from PtX plants.


Added Values expertise covers:

  • Feasibility of technologies, eg heat pumps with various heat sources
  • Assessment of technologies at market level
  • Research collaboration and development of new technologies
  • Technological road mapping and scenarios
  • Investment optimisation