Plant and supply concepts

Energy markets and framework conditions are subject to major changes.These changes are pushing in the direction of a greener and more flexible fixed asset portfolio. Among other things, this means increased demands for continuous development and change of current and future energy plants and supply.

As a player in the energy industry, there is a need to work with all aspects of energy planning, production, and distribution within many different forms of energy as well as new technologies for efficient heating and cooling.

The adjustments must be made through well-considered investments and without compromising on operational reliability, energy efficiency, environmental impacts, and plant life. The high complexity in terms of framework conditions, technology options and operations require thorough and well-argued investment plans.

We help optimize the investments that the transition entails. The result will often be an optimized investment process (roadmap), which is robust to the changes / opportunities that the future brings.

We answer the "simple" question, “When and where should what types of plants be built in what size? “And not least, we document why. At the same time, we ensure the practical implementability of the roadmap and the operational robustness over the entire roadmap time horizon, eg up to 2040.


Added Values has expertise in:

  • Optimization of investment processes
  • Optimization of plant concepts
  • Design of financial control room
  • Modeling and simulation of plant and supply concepts