Project implementation

Successful implementation of plant construction projects, whether it is new construction, expansion, conversion, or repair work, is a central focus point for any plant owner.

As a plant owner, you need to navigate safely through the entire process from the initial stages of requirements specification and tendering to commissioning. This requires a profound and updated technical knowledge and experience base that matches the suppliers and client consultants.

We help to set the right requirements for the new facilities, so that the greatest possible economic and environmental effect is achieved. In the construction phase, we help ensure quality and the right operating characteristics for the new plants.

And finally, in the commissioning phase, we assist in carrying out warranty testing and performance optimization both at the individual plant and across the entire portfolio (production and supply plant).


Added Values has expertise in:

  • QA on behalf of plant owners
  • Technical assessment of suppliers
  • Tender processes including requirements specification and evaluation criteria
  • Quality assurance on behalf of plant owners
  • Assessment of suppliers' technical standard
  • Function descriptions and programming for automation
  • Commissioning procedures and operating manuals
  • Commissioning of plant, automation and financial control room