Local heating concepts of the future - a research and demonstration program

Added Values is the project manager in an EUDP* program focusing on optimizing the integrated district heating solutions of the future.

The goal is partly to develop the local district heating concepts of the future based on actual cases and partly to develop a method able to handle the high complexity that the future entails.

The title of the project is Local Heating Concepts for Power Balancing and is implemented with several end users:

  • AffaldVarmeAarhus
  • Trefor Varme
  • Dansk Fjernvarme

As well as three research institutes:

  • Aalborg University Energi
  • Aalborg University Elektroniske systemer
  • Aarhus University Indeklima & Energi

The project ends in the summer of 2020, and preliminary results indicate that there can be good economy in local solutions - both for the benefit of district heating consumers and for the benefit of the electricity system.

The project is mentioned in an article in the magazine Fjernvarmen:

Local Heating Concepts for Power Balancing (

*EUDP is a Danish abbreviation which can be translated into: Energy-technological Development and Demonstration Program