Paper at Modelica conference

We were represented at the 15th International Modelica Conference in Aachen, Germany, October 2023.

Here, Rene Just Nielsen and Thomas Egsgaard Pedersen presented their paper Electrode boiler model for ancillary service simulation explaining some of the dynamic modelling principles applied for process and control systems development in Added Values.

  • Here is the ABSTRACT of the paper:

    “A generic component-based model of an industrial electrode boiler with internal control systems is presented. A mechanic modelling approach was taken to include as much process and control information as possible and to generate detailed simulation results. The model is intended for qualitative studies of electrode boiler dynamics in the context of district heating generation and power grid ancillary services in collaboration with other electric power consuming units.

    An example boiler control scheme is designed and included in the simulation model as this is paramount to the dynamic response of the system. Simulations of standstill, load changes, and startup from hot and cold state show that the strictest ancillary service requirements can be fulfilled when the boiler is kept at operating temperature.”


Should you be interested in how we use dynamic simulation and how it is to the benefit of our customers, please contact us or study THIS ARTICLE describing how we applied dynamic simulation and model-based design in the project "Fremtidens Fjernvarme" for DIN Forsyning in Esbjerg