Plant in operation

For the individual plant owner, efficiencies in energy distribution and energy production are increasingly crucial to obtain good operating economy and good competition opportunities. This applies regardless of whether it is pure heat production, pure power production or combined power and heating systems.

For plant owners, operational optimizations must consider ongoing operations, work closely with the technical staff in both operation and planning, and involve all parties. In this way, the expected economic or technical objectives are realized.

We help assess and analyze the possibilities for improved performance, and we use our expertise in the detailed design of the adaptations that need to be implemented, both plant hardware and automation. Finally, we also assist with the purely practical issues by following-up on suppliers and by following-up on performance after the adjustment.


Added Values has expertise in:

  • Troubleshooting, optimization and flexibility (eg in relation to fuels, access to work area and flexibility)
  • Analysing energy efficiency (heat balances)
  • Analysing dynamic properties, eg for improving system services
  • Performance monitoring
  • Online support and optimization tools
  • Lifetime assessments, maintenance plans and unforced outage analysis
  • Analysis of efficiency, fuel combinations and sub-processes
  • Development of tools to support operations
  • Consulting and implementation of ongoing operational optimizations.